"La firma Cuchy se centra en calzado 100% artesanal y de piel de unidades limitadas y fabricadas entre España y Grecia. Nos declaramos fans"

"Su colección es un híbrido perfecto entre lo bohemio y lo elegante" Sus zapatos son idóneos para subir el estilo y la tendencia de cualquier look"

"Detalles originales que estilizan nuestros pies y consiguen captar la atención en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. ¡Nos encanta!"

Cuchy shoes 100% handmade

At Cuchy we were born with the purpose of offering luxury handmade footwear . Our jewel sandals of Greek manufacturing and aesthetics soon became the most desired footwear for summer/spring. But, during the autumn/winter season, it is our cowboy boots, heeled boots and ankle boots, the models that lovers of slow-cooked fashion want to wear.

All our models have been manufactured in Greece and Spain. We only work with artisan workshops with a lot of history and trajectory. We take care of every detail and finish, we control our stock and work with the highest quality materials. All this, together with the passion for what we do, makes our boots the center of attention .

We manufacture very few units of each model to guarantee sustainable production, exclusivity, design and premium quality. Believe us when we say that each and every one of us deserves to live the Peaches experience.

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First Change Free

If it doesn't fit you well when you arrive, you just have to request a size change and we will send you the new one at no additional cost to the address you indicate and within 48 hours.

Jewel Footwear

All our footwear is completely handmade. We manufacture in family tradition workshops where quality is maximum. You will not have seen a shoe made with so much mino.