Cuchy is a passion, a true passion of those that accompany you throughout your life.

In this post, in addition to telling you a little more about Cuchy and its creator Sandra Cuchy, we take the opportunity to launch a new website 😊

If you want to know a story of entrepreneurship, passion and effort, stay because this story is for you.

What is Cuchy?

Peaches, it's a dream come true.

It is the search for a brand that reflects a personal identity and with values ​​in which I firmly believe. It is to capture that constant search to find a perfect shoe. And that shoe was clear that it was in Spain.

So, of course, Cuchy is a philosophy made in Spain, which wants to promote those wonderful workshops that we have in Spain and that are among the best in the world. International brands come here to Manufacture and it seems that we do not value what we have.

Cuchy is to value our roots and empower the brand made in Spain , which is the greatest exponent of high quality footwear, of artisan techniques that are passed from generation to generation, based on an experience that I would say is not the best in the world. It sure is among the best. Cuchy is born in a local manufacture, which respects quality and comfort.

In addition, we have sought a price that is more than reasonable for this type of handmade footwear, with very tight margins that do not intend to make large productions, but rather the opposite, limited productions that force a slightly higher price than expected. that we find in other brands, which prefer to make shoes from synthetic materials, which are manufactured industrially and which wear out and break down from one year to the next.

Why Shoes?

It is my passion, when I was young I almost collected them, I spent my savings to buy good shoes, and that was my personal gift. So that's what Peaches is, being able to make a passion that has followed me all my life come true.

After 15 years working in Fashion at the hands of big brands, I began to get acquainted with emerging brands and Spanish brands, meeting very strong, hard-working, fighter women who have inspired me and deep down have been the push I needed to dare. to launch my own brand.

In reality, Cuchy is the reflection of a need, to express something as personal as one's passion and values, translating this into a footwear collection is complicated, but here we are fighting to make this passion a way of life. .

In the summer I had the opportunity to collaborate with a Greek sandals brand that was sold in the best stores in Greece, and that I had in my sights for several years. That was the moment to embark on an adventure, I trusted the product and I loved it. The sandals collection was a success, and this winter collection intends precisely to go one step further, not only selling a product that I like, but also a product that I have designed, that comes out as if from a blank sheet, and which aims to be very versatile, but at the same time unique in its kind.

How did you choose the manufacturers?

For me it was essential to look for a workshop that really treated the skins with the required talent. I also wanted to base myself on this way of manufacturing "slow fashion" in which quality prevails much more than quantity, trying to promote responsible consumption, we must consume less and better.

The products are made one by one, it is a totally "handmade" manufacturing, working like this, I can make very few units per model, which is key to achieving a truly exclusive collection, with very limited editions, and that really converts products into something truly unique.

Making a product of only 12 pairs, it's not something exclusive, it's the following! It is that really very few people will have the luxury of wearing the same model.

What inspired you to design the collection?

This collection is designed for an all-terrain woman, without labels, a woman who has fun with fashion, who wants to convey a message through her looks, and to complete a good look, good shoes are essential.

This collection is eclectic, like me, it combines different values ​​that may initially seem incompatible, but at the same time are constantly intertwined. Many times, life teaches us to go beyond our own contradictions. This collection aims precisely to combine different personalities and styles, to adapt to a woman who seeks maximum comfort with our sneakers, but who at the same time feels special one day and dares to wear fringed ankle boots.

In addition, we have also wanted to cross the age barrier, trying to reach all women, regardless of how old they are and that there is a Cuchy shoe for each one.

To this complicated task, we had to add a trendy style, which would renew the classics but at the same time be very topical.

We have the Cowboy collection, which is a style that has come a long way, but it hasn't left us and I personally love it.

A slightly punk trend, with a slightly wider sole, jagged and more robust soles to give a more daring look.

The mythical Chelsea boot with side elastics has been renewed, the cane goes up a bit to stylize the figure, and it also fits that punk trend, for example with our Monterey model, an indisputable top seller in this collection.

We have also sought to give a renewed touch to the classic moccasin, to which we have added a central chain as a mask that is very rocker, but at the same time maintains the classic cuts of a good moccasin.

We have searched for that, to achieve a wardrobe basic, timeless, classic but current and above all, we have searched for a shoe that is not to be used and thrown away, but one that can last you for many years and that does not go out of style.

We have sought to give it a groundbreaking touch also through the materials, with different finishes; Coconut leather, satin touches, but not too bright, in the end the difference is in the details, something that we have also taken care of to the millimeter.

Each of the models has its details, studs, handles, special toes, textured heels. These details make the product more expensive, but in the end they are the touch that makes Cuchy shoes unique and that provides added value for those who are capable of appreciating such careful details.


If you've made it this far, thank you.

And if you feel Cuchy, tell us in comments, we'd love to read you.


  • Ana Pascual said:

    Ayer me llegaron las botas Molly black and beige que compre el viernes y no me pueden gustar más 🥰😍!!!!
    Estoy encantada con la compra y deseando estrenarlas. Son una verdadera preciosidad. Solamente espero que sean igual de cómodas como de bonitas!!!!🤗

    February 16, 2024

  • Lourdes said:

    Hola Sandra.
    Quisiwra ver los complementos que tienes y no los encuentro. Quizá no los hayas cargado en la nueva web.
    Eskerrik asko.

    Por cierto, ya puedes decir que las sandalias del verano “han sido todo un éxito”, yo compré 3 pares que resultaron súper cómodas a la par que ideales

    January 05, 2021

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