Spring is coming, and with it we bring you some new models, perfect for this time of year. Neither cold nor hot, with sunny days and cool nights. You will fall in love with this spring collection.

Classic loafers, but renewed

We start with the moccasins, following our line, we have focused on providing them with unique details, the chain appliqués on the hem and the large links on the instep, they are two trends that we have loved and that we have incorporated into our spring collection for this reason.

These moccasins are perfect for taking your ankles out for a walk, or combining them with a sock or stocking, on cooler days. They look great with ankle socks with a fun or colorful pattern and that make each step the protagonist of any look.

These loafers are ideal to wear with "mom jeans" and give an eighties touch to your outfit. They look great with all pants that leave the ankles exposed.

Although the cut of the moccasins is somewhat classic, the sole of ours is higher than normal, and the links give it a rebellious and very modern touch.

In addition, the colors in which we have taken out our moccasins; black, burgundy and stone grey, are timeless colors that are perfect for all times of the year.

Believe us when we tell you that these loafers are not going to get off your back.

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Cowboy Boots – Our favorite model

These boots have the whole team in love. They are cowboy-style boots that reach just below the knee, which somewhat replace the truck trend, and everything indicates that they will be our flagship footwear for this spring 2021 collection.

We have released it in two colors. Off-white, or sand and indigo blue. Deciding on these two colors was a complicated decision at first but, looking at the trends, we believe that the two colors we have chosen are a success.

As for the sand color, seeing all the catwalks, almost all the designers included some white boot in their collections. Instead of putting a nuclear white that is not suitable for everyone, we have decided to soften it, giving warmth to the white, powdering it and creating an off-white tone that gives a lot of light to any look.

On the blue boots, it's a Pantone color this year, a blue reminiscent of a summer night. It's a bit more daring, but in the end it fits perfectly with any jean, both dark and light, and it can look amazing with a totally groundbreaking total blue look. It is our bet this spring – EVERYTHING IN DENIM

The height of the boot, which is just before the knee, can be uncomfortable when walking, that's why we have incorporated spikes in front and behind, so they don't get in the way when walking, it also gives a super slim effect to the leg, and they look incredible with dresses and with skirts because the cut really makes the legs extra long 😉

We believe that these boots are going to be a real hit , which combines with prints, and with beige colors, with jeans, with dresses, think of any look, these boots fit for sure.

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Celsa ankle boots - Love at first sight.

These boots really are wonderful. Their height is a little higher than what you usually see, which makes them super stylish, and they look perfect with any jean that has the bottoms a little high.

We have made them in earth colors (green and beige), which are super wearable and never go out of style.

In addition, they have some super special details:

The toe is slightly raised and has a silver and gold finish. In addition, the fence also has some metallic details that make these boots unique.

In addition, they have western-style seams that are very delicate, but at the same time give these boots a special touch.

These ankle boots are also perfect with bell-bottoms, which reveal only the toe of the ankle boot, which has a lot of personality. It fits great with this trend.

The green and beige color is super combinable with all kinds of prints, floral jeans, whatever you want!

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Vértice Boots – Our most sought after classic

These boots are a total “ trend ” this season, the highly acclaimed “ Kitten Hill ” which is a delicate heel height like a kitten haha. It is neither high nor low at all, stylizes, but maintains extreme comfort.

We have released three colors, the powdery white color, which looks great to combine with a white or beige total look, which helps us get out of the black of winter, and get a super illuminated look.

In addition, these boots can be worn wrinkled or more stretched depending on the look.

The snake model can be perfect to combine it with a feminine dress, it gives a daring touch to any romantic look. We see it perfect, for example, with a very soft white dress, but giving it a rough touch with these python -finish boots.

Finally, our basic, in black, which is suitable for night and day. A classic that combines with everything and at all times, does not go out of style, and is ultra comfortable.

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We hope you love this Spring Collection as much as we do, which we hope will accompany you on your sunny days and cool nights 😉

Which one do you prefer? Tell us in comments.

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